Oscar Rock is a UK based post production enthusiast. Coming from a background of producing music since 2015, he has a fine tuned ear for small details and a wealth of experience in the design of sound. His university days in Bath captivated his fascination for the fundamentals of sound and how it affected the world around him. Soon he found himself swapping the kick drums and nightclubs for windshields and Foley pits, ready to push the boundaries of film and game sound. 

Currently, he is actively participating in creating his own libraries of Foley and Field recordings, venturing out to capture everything from the unexplored hills of North Wales, down to the confined space of his own bathroom. Within his home studio he is also building everything out of nothing, designing sound for a wide variety of projects using his fluency in synthesis and sound editing.






Fluent in:

  • FL Studio

  • Xfer Serum

  • Pro Tools

  • Sony VEGAS

Experienced in:

  • Wwise

  • Unity

  • Logic

  • iZotope RX Audio Editor

  • Adobe Photoshop

Adept in:


  • Pure Data

  • Max/MSP 



Monitors: Yamaha HS5 with Auralex Mopads

Microphones: Rode NTG4+, Behringer C2 (Pair), Lewitt LCT 240 PRO

Recorder: Zoom H4n Pro

Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Plugins: Serum, iZotope RX, Neutron & Ozone Elements, NI Komplete Essentials, Pure Data

DAW's: FL Studio & Pro Tools